M/T Tires for sale...again


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I thought I had these sold, but they are for sale again. I would like to sell them all together, rather than split them apart. There are two good fronts, two good 33" rears, and two 33" rears that have been run on flat and have a little side wall damage, but could be used as spares with tubes, and then there is one HP. $250 for all of them. PM me if you are interested. None of the tires have rims.





3 Amigos Racing

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Three tires for sale or trade for beer.
M/T Baja Pro 33x9.0x15
Great spares or good race tires.
Located in Apple Valley or I can bring to my office in Ontario.


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No, we sold them a while ago. I thought I saw some for sale in the classifieds the other day tho.