MA Racing #101 race report CODE Mexicali 300


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The week before the race started with prerun on Sunday and was very hot, all week we worked on small details on the car and be prepared for the race, on Thursday, we crossed the border with car after Randy Davidson of RD Performance in Hemet, did a tune up and some adjustments to our Chevy LS2, also we received our new tires by BFGoodrich, and we spent all day getting ready for Friday. Friday morning we went to the Laguna Salada to shake up the car and find out any last minute details, we did a small 20 mile run to the track to find out any problems, on our way to RM5 on the last uphill we hit a big rock and we broke 3 of the bottom bolts and the starter area on the bellhousing of our Mendeola HD4 make it a big crack.

we came back to Mxli and after some phone calls, our buddies at Lalo Mayoral Prep, help us welding the bellhousing again and fixing the broken mount, there also we cleanup the car and we go to contingency, let me tell you this year, this event attracted a more number of fans, vendors and of course more cars, the contingency was packed out and we cleared tech before 9 PM, we loaded the car on the trailer and we go to take some rest for Saturday.

Saturday weather was different, cool some small clouds, and a great day for racing, since we got the 101, we have some nerves about the start, since this was the trhid time out for a race for our Tatum Chevy/BFGoodrich/Mendeola Transaxles, MA Racing class 1, finish the race was the obvious target, we go to staging 15 minutes before the start and at 10:30 we leaved the starting line, Mario Acosta car owner was on the driving wheel and myself will be navigating for the whole event, after the start we almost overshot the second and third turns on the infield area on the stadium and second starter, Javier Robles catches us before RM3, so now we are back with some dust, Jason Mcneil TT#50 was behind us before we got the uphills, we let him by and we keeped and eye on the mirror, some miles later, after RM15 the Vildosola TT#4 was at the side of us at the first sand wash and he passed us before the end of the wash.

after that, we keep a good pace, with any more issues we finish our first lap we planed to stop by the second one to add fuel, we keep going and on the sand wash at RM15, the car started to shut off, Mario has to keep the foot on the gas to keep going, miles later (Rm35) car stopped and we switched to the spare gas pump, we keep going and before check 2 people started to point our front left side of the car, so my guess was we have a front flat, since we lost contact with our chase crew we opted to stop to find out more, some spectators came in and they tell us the tires looked OK, so we keep going and on our way back to the stadium area we saw another friend and he make the same signal pointing the front suspension, so my guess now changed to something wrong in the front, but since we are on our way to the pit we keep it, at the pit stop, we know we are running at the front again, since we saw Robles (#100) and Vildosola TT#4 at the side of the road with some problems.

we put 25 gallons of gas and our pit guys tell us we have a broke front limiter strapt bolt, so we take the decision to keep going to continue the race, since we don't find a spare bolt, we had change our pace and we opted to keep the car going and the guys in the pits, they was looking for a bolt on the pit area and trying to catch us on the track later, after that we on the dust of different small cars all the lap log, since we are now in the middle of the limited classes, we take our time to pass each one, we make it to check 1 just 1 minute behind the PIN truck (class 8) since we know we are some minutes back (with adjusted time) we just cruised all the dry lake, we saw TT#50 at the side of the road before RM28 and we guess now we are leading the class, after that we keep going and now we are monitoring the other class on the class, the Mango guys (Gary 7 Rob) and Girls(Chelsea & Jessica), we are behind us all day, so we asked every visual point about when they are.

we passed some class 11 on the sand sea of RM50, and we almost got stuck after the second part of the dry lake on another silt bed, we make it back to check 3 with any issues, so we keep going all the way to the finish, before the finish a black prerunner jumped in front of us for some time, after that we just cruised the last mile and we finish the race, some broken parts, and bad fuel pump and some FI issues, but we finish 1st in class and 4th overall in the third time out for our Chevy Tatum class 1.

we like to thank our friends family and crew for the help and support, also thanks to Randy Davidson of RD Performance for our Chevy LS2 engine, Miguel Vega and the crew of Mendeola Transaxles, to BFGoodrich tires no flats the entire race, to Lula Shop for our shock work, to our friends of Lalo Mayoral Prep, for the help and the crew of La Granja Escuderia for keep with us all day. and Javy Valenzuela of Vildosola racing for the repair kit of King shocks we borrowed from him Thursday night

also to our sponsors and supporters for they help, BFGoodrich tires, Mendeola transaxles, LM Automotriz, Rios Auto sales, NTR Films, Bar La conga 2, Acoplados designs, and also to Tatum motorsports, Mastercraft Safety, PCI Race Radios, RDC, Kartek, Baja Designs, and we hope i don't forget anyone.

also hats off to CODE off road, for another great, well organized and a blast event and a big thanks to the VILDOSOLA family for keep supporting these events year by year.

some pics, by el Yogi, shubert montes, and speedy from el foro


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Sounds like you guys had a great time ! Keep up the good work !


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Nice looking car and congrats on the win !!