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Mad Mike's Mazda "Lites"(?) Truck 13B Rotatory Engine


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Hey guys. My first post here.
I saw this Truck on a RedBull video and it really got me. Heres a video of the Truck at Goodwood Festival.

Its a Mazda Truck with a Rotatory Engine. It sounds pretty different. What u guys think?

haha just a random thought here...
If I had the money to, like, "create" a whole new racing series... I think I'd go for Trucks/Engines like that one, racing in Australia and New Zealand (and I'm from South America hehe).
They look cheaper than what Robby Gordon has done with those.

Actually... Red Bull also posted these days this KartCross racing with Carlos Sainz (both father and son)
I gotta say that this thing would also be one of the classes I'd like to have in my own racing series.

But... thoughts on that cool little Truck?
Cheers! (Sorry for my bad english)


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That is actually called a "Superlite", they were run in the short course races here in the US as a spec series and then sold off after it died out. There are still a few of them around that people are using for various purposes. It is actually a mid-engine buggy with a truck body using a Mendeola Transaxle. MadMike's is probably the most prominent one out there right now.


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Ahhh tnx for the infos! I Just found these SuperLites on youtube.
It'd be interesting if it wasnt a "spec" series. Like.. different bodies (from ford, mazda, chevy, ram, toyota, etc) but racing with same spec engines built from these differend brands or OEMs.
Otherwise, its probably cheaper to rent a SST full season hehe


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Here's Mad Mike running his Superlite at Rod Millens Leadfoot festival here in New Zealand. » Leadfoot Festival

jon coleman

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rotorys run for ever.just dont over heat'em.they make max horse power towards the end of there life before re fresh. plus u cant float valves!