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MAF with UMP filter


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Looking at adding an UMP filter to a 2002 F150 with a 5.4. What has anyone done with the MAF? The stock MAF has a flange on one side, and then maybe a 3" diameter tube on the other.

Any advice?



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Maybe this?


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I think you need to use some silicone hoses like Michael just posted. There should be manufacture recommendations for MAF placement I know on the LS an LT Gm engines there are. Here is a excerpt from the GM install manual. I am sure Ford has something like this but all MAF pretty much work the same. Just make sure its not close to a turn or a place that the air gets all messed up around the MAF.

Also if you add a Velocity stack to the intake of the UMP it will clean up the air going into the UMP and add a fair amount of HP. we saw a 10-12 HP different with velocity stack on UMP on the Dyno.

If you take out the partial separator out of the UMP then you are defeating the purpose of the UMP system. But the partial separator does rob power, but it does its job of removing dirt. Also make sure you orientate the UMP correctly. It has to be installed in the right way to get the dirt out.

If you have not bought the UMP and you are doing the extra Large one we have one for sale that was never installed.

Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor

NOTE: It is critical that the MAF sensor is mounted per the instructions below. Vehicle performance and/or drivability may be affected if it is not mounted as recommended.
The mass air flow sensor must be installed in the induction system using the supplied MAF sensor mounting boss. The induction system should be 4 inches in diameter and have a minimum straight section 6 inches in length. Mount the MAF sensor in the middle of the straight induction section, ensuring that the middle of the mounting boss is at least 10 inches from the throttle body.
The MAF sensor must be oriented correctly in the induction system - note the arrow on the sensor indicating flow direction. Be sure to weld the mounting boss correctly - the sensor will only mount one way in the boss (see diagram).

dzrt performance

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MAF sensor placement is critical.

many of these so called "cold air" intake systems move the sensor from the OEM position very near to the end of the intake pipe and filter.

the problem is, this creates turbulance in the intake and causes the MAF to meter incorrectly. Many OEM MAF systems incorporate a diffuser to smooth airflow for proper metering. if your stock system has this, you should consider keeping this in the system.

there is nothing wrong with changing the filter, just pay close attention to keeping the MAF in the same location designed by the factory and that includes intake plumbing diameters and lengths.

you also want to stay away from K&N or other oil type filters as the oil can get on the MAF element and casuse metering issues. its for this reason you dont see anything other then paper element filters on OE applications with MAF sensors.