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Make your own series


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I figured that this could be real fun. All of these organizations like pro dirt and pro 1600 are making their own series up. If you could pick 5 races throughout the year and make your own series what races would they be. You may pick any race from any promoter. I want to see what you come up with, and here is mine.

1. Parker 400
2. Terribles Town 250
3. Baja 500
4. BITD Baja Mex 300 World Championship (its a new race next season)
5. Baja 1000


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some of these aren't around anymore, but here goes...parker 400, mint 400, virginia city 200, frontier 500 and the thousand...and i would also add the fireworks 250.

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how about:
1.- Terrible Town 250 in Jan.
2.- San Felipe 250 in March.
3.- Baja 500 in May.
4.- Fireworks 250 in july.
5.- Vegas to Reno in sept.
6.- And of course the BAJA 1000 in Nov.

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A race once every two weeks starting in March and ending in October........ anywhere! I just want more racing with all the top guys there and one sanctioning body.

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Mine goes as follows:

Laughlin Desert Challenge (I live 10 minutes away)
Mint 400
San Felipe 250
Baja 500
Fireworks 250
Nevada 500
Baja 1000


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It's really hard to think about a organization catering to trucks one day and then opening up to all to race.....something is wrong here.

Race dates or a group racing these selected weekends would look at the race organizations with a better then good race weekends. If we included all, it would look something like this
Jan. Whiplash, Parker 400 gone but not forgotten
Mar. SNORE, Buffalo Bills 400 going strong.....everyone loves going to Vegas
June MDR, Kartek 400 Showing to be a great event & great time of the year
Sept. SCORE, Primm 400 Back ground talks for it self
Final race of a series,
Nov. SCORE, Baja 1000 Beat Baja if you can then you deserve to be a champion

Please realize this is only a opinion from someone who has been to races, seen how things are done and has heard things that would curl your toes from the people who run races. Names are withheld
I gave SCORE 2 races due to the lenth and date of the Primm race. This is just desert races.


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It’s got to be laughlin, score and snore . The buffalo bills 400 , the dusty times 250 , the terribles midnight in eldorodo valley , maybe a mdr Barstow race . All time races Parker , California and Arizona sides , the mint in 1985 and 1986 , the hdra fireworks that started at 6pm , the snore 250 in the 70’s , the cal city races , and the frontier 250.any race before the blm