Malibu Dan wants YOU!!!


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Malibu Dan's Expo in Signal HIll is coming up THIS Saturday! The other shows he's put on have been a lot of fun and this one should be even better (better location...daylight...give-aways...etc). Dan wants as many vehicles as possible displayed in this show! Race cars, trucks, buggies, prerunners, whatever, as long as it's an offroader! All you have to do to be in the show is be there before 8:30 and be able to leave your vehicle where it's parked for the entire show. You don't even need to let us know if you're going to be there...just show up and look for the gate where we'll be loading in vehicles! For those of you who can't keep your prerunner in the show all day there will be special prerunner parking in the lot so look for the signs. See you there!

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WHere is SIgnal HIll?


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right next to Long Beach off the 405 fwy - I put a map on the flier - check the main page for the flier for the event and you will see a map on where it is =-)

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The General will be on Display :) Look at it now cause it might not look so nice after the jump!

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So Jen I should wash the ole prerunner and bring it too? How about Dessert Chick's disco Ranger? That might be different to have some "chick" trucks there. What do you say DTQ??



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Sheryl...that'd be very cool! Us girls gotta represent! We'd love to have you both.'s kind of vague now, but didn't you used to have a truck? I think you did, but it's been so long since we've seen it I forget. Dust that sucker off! :) As for how many people are going to be there...I dunno. A lot, I'm guessing. It's been getting MAJOR airtime on KLSX and my phone's been ringing off the hook for weeks and my email box is overflowing with people wanting to know more about it/how they can vend/if they can bring their trucks to display/etc. I'm thinking it's going to be bigger than the last Malibu Dan events, and those were pretty big. Big Gay Russ, call us please! (909) 780-5331.

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Talked to Dan this morning and this event should be larger then the previous once. There will be music. It's during a saturday not a friday, so more people should be able to fit it into there schedule.

Its FREE !

No admission. and no fee for vehicles to be on display. As a vendor this will be a good oportunity to showcase what you are working on or have created. A lot of people that have never seen anything like it will be there.

KLSX is plugging it all day long.

To have your vehicle on display you need to show up on Friday and have it stay overnight or Saturday before 9am. An armed guard will be securing the facility till Saturday morning.

We will be there.


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Can someone please tell me where this is being held at??? I really want to go but i need an address and what day is it on? Thanks alot!



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Ok here's directions: 405 to Cherry exit in Signal Hill. Left on Temple...Right on E Willw...Right on's on the corner of 27th and Walnut. If you are displaying your vehicle in the show you'd turn right on 27th and the gate's just past the corner on the right. See you all there!

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