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Malibu Dan


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We will be at Maibu Dan's meeting and will bringing some trucks to "display". I am letting everyone know about it, but I'm not really calling it an "Offcial IP" event because we're not planning it, ya know? You going to go Klaus?

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I was thinking about it.
I'll know for sure the same week as the event. Hate to plan too far ahead.

ok..lets say its a 80% yes.


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Aw Pat, we love your truck! It may not be the most built out there but you PLAY in that thing and that's what it's (we're...IP) all about, right? Nothing worse than a pretty truck that does nothing but look pretty (hmm same is true with men!!!).

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And the same is true for women JEN..... But yes I do believe that it is better to play with your truck then to make it pretty and let it sit. What fun is that!!!?