malibu dan


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If anybody heard the Sam Rubin show today, Dan got in several plugs for the new Groff 1 car, the BITD race, the Baja 500, and had all the callers (well most of them) confirm that they were more interested in motorsports than the Academy Award news. The point was that yes, we all want to see the hot actresses, but we don't really care who designed their shoe/dress/handbag/, or who painted their face, just what their rack and/or lunchpail looks like (sorry if I offend anyone). Malibu Dan also correctly pointed out that there was much less attitude and a$$ kissing in off-road.......... Good job dude!


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only got to hear part of it. all i know is that i want to smack the one guy who was bad mouthing off road racing!!!!!!

drive fast and take chances!!