Malibu Dan's...THE DAY AFTER


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Malibu Dan\'s...THE DAY AFTER

It's past noon and I'm just starting to not feel like a zombie today. Twelve hours surrounded by great people and great offroad vehicles...can't get much better than that, but boy, am I tired! I think Dan really pulled off a very successful event once again and I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed there were a whole lot of people out there who were unfamiliar looking (not the "regulars" you see out at desert races). It's exciting to know that with events like Dan's, more and more people are being exposed to such a great sport/hobby/interest/whatever you want to call it. Klaus asked me early in the day which prerunner would I choose if I could have any of them (Baldwin's Ranger, but then the Riviera prerunner showed up, so...)...what about the rest of you? I was surprised there weren't more people in Dave and Buster's for the unofficial RDC get-together...what happened??? But Greg & I were there, and Frank and Carolyn Hines, and Dan V, Bitting, Gabe and his buddy Eric, JC, his son Cole, and Khris (aka Sirhk), and someone who reads but hasn't posted, Johann, who is from Iceland and a promoter for X-Trucks (I've never heard of them but I guess they are high horsepower vehicles that go up very steep hills and he's trying to see how the sport would do in our neck of the woods). Anyway, did everyone else have a good time?

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Re: Malibu Dan\'s...THE DAY AFTER

I thought the show was pretty good. Saw friends and family and had a good time looking at all the stuff. I agree Jen, lots of very unfamiliar faces - good sign I imagine.

Those X trucks are some of the most awesome freakin' displays of craziness you'll ever see. I've seen a few videos from some Norwegian family of mine that goes to those types of events. They basically take a super high horsepower engine, stuff it into some extended wheelbase Jeep style body, huge super aggressive paddles and just give it hell until they either finish, crash, or grenade. These are the same trucks that can actually walk on water - the paddles are spinning so fast they can cross small ponds with little or no slowing in the process. If you could get that sport over into the US I'd pay money to watch. Trouble is you need an outdoor venue with some big ol sandy or loose hills for the show to be worth it. These things are nuts.

<A target="_blank" HREF=></A> has a pretty good link - just search for Iceland formula off-road and you should come up with some good links.



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Re: Malibu Dan\'s...THE DAY AFTER

Jen I have some footage of that type of racing. I will add it to the tape I am making you.

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