Mallory Ignition


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We just got a new ignition for our motor and mallory igniton has a awsome set up for class 9's. It has a dual pickup billet distributor that fits with the stock fuel pump and dual coils. The coils are awsome pieces that are built to hold up to the rigors of offroad racing. The system is has two coils that you can switch between without getting out of the car and switching everything over to a spare coil instead its all done with the flip of a switch nd another switch to change pickups. Its a really trick set up im trying to find out part numbers and maybe see if they can put a package together for other racers. We raced the 500 with this system and had 0 problems with it but our transmission popped 8 miles from the finish line. Mallory is a great company to work with and they are making a push into offroad racing and there equipment is top notch quality.