Man Down! - 2009 Vegas to Reno!


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Hello my name is Rod- old H.S. nickname 'Rocket' stuck-so that's where that came from. I started riding desert about 15 years ago, and racing about 10 but seriously racing about 3. I was told about this site by the BITD (Best in the Desert) staffer "Diane".
To the point - I am part of a 3 man over 40 amateur team riding in the 2009 Vegas to Reno race August - when one of our team members went down and had to pull out! so we are in need of an Over 40 rider. We are very well organized have pit crews, 2 out of three rigs needed. Radio's, transponder, bike, and support staff lots of info for race. I was head of a pit crew last year, for a team I am riding with this year. So basically there are two teams riding and pitting together.(Great fun!) So, what I need is a rider, and a truck and competent map navigator to drive it. Please get back to me asap at - 702 286-3618 - no egos - no hotheads - don't need superstars either. Just down tho earth - easy going-desert lovin' enthusiasts! Thanks or your time. "Rocket"