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Man, I miss you guys


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It's been a long time! Anybody still around? My truck never got that engine swap completed, makes me sad every time I look at it. Just wanted to say hi, and maybe reminisce about the old days of UP.



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What went wrong with the 7m-gte swap?
Aaron, back in the day you were one of the guys that really inspired me to build my yota! i spent alot of time looking at your webpage for your truck. ahh, the old days....


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I was gona say that same thing! I remember the first IP meeting I went to when The Piece was all stock I saw Aarons truck and he had a LT kit on the front and shock hoop in the back and I remember thinking how badass it was. That was inspiration for The Piece along with "Aarons Toyota Page" lol.

Good times!


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Hey thanks! That means a lot to me!

I recently had to cancel my Earthlink account and my webpage went with it :(
My truck is still waiting for the engine to go init, and it will be soon. The 7m-gte engine is sitting at my buddies house, and Duffco Dan already made the motor mounts for me. I got sidetracked with building up my new business (www.driftmotion.com) and my two Supras.

I remember meeting Fishy at Chuck's house and his truck was basically stock, now it's a race winning truck!!!

Your truck is sick Matt! You guys both outdid me by a lot, and I don't have the money to catch up anymore LOL

I haven't seen anyone since Greg and Jen's wedding! I will try to get my truck done and go hang out with you guys at a race or maybe we could set up a UP reunion meet!

How are all the other homies doing like Pete, Tyson, Belden, Timmah, Pat, Dan, John, etc... ?!?


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hell, i pretty much copied my bedcage off of yours, aaron. think back to watching an mdr race, a few years back, and we somehow wound up in the bmx/motox track between start/finish and kfc area....tyson was there too....



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That is so cool for you guys to say that! I had a lot of fun at those meetings and races, but like just like some of you, I had to put the truck aside for a little bit and get a house and get me business off the gorund.

I was going through some of my old IP pics and I found some you might remember:

Some videos that are classic:

www.driftmotion.com/Toyota BIG AIR Punk.WMV
www.driftmotion.com/The General.WMV
www.driftmotion.com/Belden up-whoops.WMV
www.driftmotion.com/pete's jump 2.WMV

I'll post more later...
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Here's a couple of pics I found of my Tacoma at the 2001 Sandblast.....



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matt_helton said:
crap dan, dont you still have that flannel? lol
i think thats the only thing ive ever seen him wear LOL


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Don't forget the "SCRATCHED TO HELL" oakley's.... how the hell do you see through those?

I'm in for a UP Reunion..... lets make it happen!


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Ya and they arent even flames or anything they are just flat black.....WAJ!!
Like he had to wear flame sunglasses for people to know he was a flamer! Nothing like pointing out the obvious!


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Great post Aaron, we've all just been super busy I guess. Those first IP meetings we started going to I met some of my best friends to this day. I think it was my first meeting I followed you (Aaron) from the freeway, and I remember telling "Springs" AKA Julie, all about your truck just as I was following you.

Meeting Gary and Mere and buying the infamous Springs (the namesake for the ex) a week later.

Guppy remember how competitive we were when are trucks were a step over stock, and you taking out my front bumper that I just won from the jump champs. ~ good times.

Well, I've been just as busy, bought a townhouse in HB (of course I will never leave this city) getting married in just over 2 months, that has taken most of my time and all of my money lately. I don't even have a toy right now, and I'm just dieing to get back out on the dirt again and go fast :)

I am up for a classic style UP meet. . . my schedule sucks right now but maybe we can all plan a time to meet up when we are at PRIMM, most of us will be there right? Aaron, any chance you can make it out there? Ride with me, I'll have room, and Im leaving friday afternoon and coming home some time on Sunday.