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Marking's New Pro-Lite Tests at Glen Helen-Wed


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Greaves came in and tested with Marking in his new CORR Pro-Lite truck at Glen Helen on Wednesday. Mike Voyles took some laps in Marking's new truck as Greaves built him
the sister truck to Marking's ride.


DirtNewz has arrived to the Chula Juana and is set up just west of Turn 1 in the pits. Stop by for a refreshment if you're in town.

The layout in the pits and contingency is different than last season as it is completely reversed...pits on the west side and contingency vendor sales on the east side...pits are wide open. They eliminated the grandstands west of Turn one and the grandstands don't begin until the jump on the front stretch...

Temps are low 70's and its sunny....

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Congrats to John Marking, Todd Tenbroek, Scotty Prill, Gary Brady, Rick Tenbroek, Tom Geviss, Joe Totten, Chris Harrold, DesertBull and everybody else involved in the completion of the truck. I can't wait to see the truck in action.

Now go out and Kick some @$$.