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Marty Smith 1956-2020


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All they had to do is put their seatbelts on and he & Nancy would be alive and we would not be talking about him.
Two with seatbelts on, unhurt, two without and they were killed. No one is bullet proof! Safety gear saves lives.
RIP Marty & Nancy


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No belts !!! Is this confirmed ? I'll save any comment until confirmation........Tragic loss


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No belts !!! Is this confirmed ? I'll save any comment until confirmation........Tragic loss
Per TMZ and the local news said the same thing last night.

Officials tell us Marty and Nancy were in a buggy that flipped at the Imperial Sand Dunes and rolled down a hill. We're told Marty was not wearing a safety harness and Nancy was only wearing a lap belt.

We're told emergency responders raced to the scene -- but couldn't do much. Marty was pronounced dead at the scene. Nancy was airlifted to a nearby hospital where she later passed away from her injuries. Marty's best friend, Lee Ramage, was at the scene at the time of the crash and posted a statement "My wife, Tammi and I were in the buggy and were unhurt."



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We had a few UTV crashes here last weekend. One person dead and two in critical condition from not wearing seat belts. One of the 4 seat RZR had two girls in the back without seat belts while the two guys up front did. The two girls got ejected and air lifted out while the boys walked away not hurt.

it’s not clear in these pics of Marty’s accident if all 4 didn’t have belts. But it sure looks like Marty and his Wife didn’t.

I Just do not understand it.


jon coleman

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rip Marty & Nancy, i miss Carlsbad, i miss being lapped by MS like 3 times in morning vet practice even more, one of the coolest guys at the track, the Original so- cal golden boy 'surfer' mx'er.godspeed


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Anyone that was in the MX racing scene in SoCal in the 70’s and 80’s knew how good Marty was. Godspeed to Marty and Nancy.
Does anyone need one other reason not to strap in whenever you’re “just going for a short, slow ride”.....???


Where did the accident take place?
" Ramage and wife Tammi were in the buggy with the Smiths, riding through the Imperial Sand Dunes in California, when the vehicle rolled over. Lee Ramage and Tammi were unhurt."


Lee Vining

Anyone remember Fox Blue Torch off road show on Fox Sports?
They did an occasional show featuring Marty Smith. Some of their best stuff of a good program.
I remember when the Euros would come to the USA and kick our asses in MX.
Marty Smith changed all that.
Quite a Legend.