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Mason Motorsports Trophy Truck build

Robert Mason

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Here are some pictures of a trophy truck we are working on.
A few specs
Dougan 474 8 stack
Gearworks thirdmember
ID Designs housing
Fox shocks
Brembo 6 piston calipers
Pro-am hubs with rotor hats
Pro-am TT rack
Harmon cell
Dual DC power alternators
Weldon fuel pumps
CBR coolers
Custom carbon fiber dash pods by Walker Industries
Custom body by Walker Industries (All designed in computer and plugs cut with cnc machine)
James Lin wiring and electronics. Keypads, PDMs, Motec dashes etc....



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Looks great guys! If it's half as good as your 6100 trucks you guys will be swimming in trophys soon!

E&S Racing

Love it


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So happy to see you guys getting the opportunity to build a trophy truck. Stellar work thus far gentlemen.


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Wow very nice!


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Nice to see a new TT build with all the best components!

Chris Tobin

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With a $1 down payment, how much will my monthly payment be on the 100 year financing option???

Great looking truck, I wish I could afford one!!!


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Nice to see you guys building a full TT. I've always liked the trucks you guys put out and the performance speaks for itself!

Zac Reish

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Why keep the owner a secret. pretty sure they're not going to pull a R Acer. It could only help the publicity and anticipation of the inaugural race for a mason built TT.