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Mast Mounted Canopy Lighting - chase truck


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I have seen a few camps with a mast mounted 360 degree round flood/canopy light. Looks to mimic the sun, spherical surface. Does anybody know where to get them or what they are called? Looking for pit lighting at night ran off a 10kw generator, thanks.


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like these lights attached in pic


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They are called balloon scene lights. I noticed Caltran using them in our area, which is why I looked them up.

IMO -- it's too much light for just one pit. Someone had one at Vegas to Reno at Rawhide a few years ago and it was bug central. I used a bunch of LED lights and keep them off as long as possible to avoid the bug issue.

Here's a supplier I found using Google:
Airstar Space Lighting | Light Towers, Halogen Balloon Lighting | Metal Halide Balloon Lighting for Police, Fire, Public Works and more