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Materials for mountings?


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Im getting mountings made in about 3 weeks and all i have to do is buy the materials But what will I Need to make the moutings?

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what are mountings? I dont know if its just me I have no clue what you are asking or talking about. More details please.



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When you take off your bed there is nothing to hold on the fibers so you have to build mountings that connect to the frame and towards the top of the fibers there is a picture on here go to page 2 under my name again and fishdood and a lot of other people showed there mountings!!!

" Hondas are like Tampons, Every Pu*sy has one!"


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The MOUNTS you are refferring to could be called rear glass supports. The person fabricating this for you shoud know what to use if he is building them for you. The mounts are not off the shelf items. Use mild steel and some dzus fasteners to hold the "fibers" on.


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The bed mounts are what your glass is fastened to, Mountings are a hillbilly way for discribing Canadian Police on Horseback ???? Hehehehehe


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For "Scooby" the chase/basher we used 3/4" EMT. If the truck outlives the EMT's short fatigue life it will be a small miracle.


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Dont feel stupid, I dont know what it is either,jajaja!! explain please

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emt is sh&% conduit

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