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Matomi wash SF 250


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Matomi's last race was 2012SF250. Summer of 2012 was the big flood that blocked the canyon at the narrows. Winter of 2014 several Jeeps made it thru, then last year we got thru with full size rigs.
Each year flooding helps cover the boulders with more sand to correct the 2012 situation.


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A Matomi story...In '06, the year it rained, I rode that section. It was very slippery just before the drop in. My bike seemed to be making more engine noise than normal so I stopped and found my countershaft seal had gone out and I was leaking oil badly. I had none, and the next Honda Pit was at the end of the wash on Puertocitos road. So I dropped in and flogged that beast to the pit. Thanks to hooking up with Cameron Steele and crew during pre-running I was able to hit all the short lines down the wash. It was completely out of oil and making more noise than I had ever heard a 650 make. The late, Bruce Ogilvie was running the pit and he started the bike after the repair and said it would make the finish. So our "closer" got on the bike and rode to the finish.
I would have never thought that motor would have lasted that long with no oil in it.


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Robby knows the sweetest line...


I took my Ford Raptor through it in 2011. Big fun but that place has a lot of hidden rocks. No Bueno for moto pilots.
In the 90's Baja Promotions took us through the wash twice in the same event. In a CJ-7 no problema.
'05 SF250 we ran out of fuel in there, race over. #96 stopped and gave us enough to get to the road. Won the event, won the season, Bobby B. a true class act.
'05 B1k ran it E-W at night. Lots of carnage, truly the toughest time getting through. But the Ranger made it.


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The year I went through it we were pre running as a group. My dad and I in our 516, Geoff Falzone and Greg Distefino in a ranger. Geoff's ranger lost a fuel pump at the start of matomi. So my dad and I kept going through it and made our way back to town getting there a little before dark. We got a few flats after leaving Geoff and were somehow rescued by the desert bull Sanchez who happened to have a spare. This was the thursday before the 2003 San falipe 250.

We get back to our desert assassins camp and meet up with Br Kellog and Chris Vano who gather up a spare fuel pump. My self knowing where the vehicle is volunteer to go with them in a 3 seat bronco to save Valzone and Greg. We head off into the night heading backwards on the race course through matomi. Talk about being on the moon! We happen to meet a dirt bike rider super wore out and wondering how many miles it was to the highway" I think he was running out of gas" We give him the info and we split ways us heading further in and him heading out.

After what seems like for ever in a close to stock Bronco we make to Geoff. Only to discover that a random dirt bike rider had gone down hard pretty much right infront of them. He was hurt bad and was put in another pre runner to take out of there. But they left the bike!! We are in the middle of no where. We get the truck fixed but vano is in for a treat. Not expecting to do this at all he gets to ride this guys dirt bike the 50+miles out of there back to town in the middle of the baja night!! We got back at what must of been 2 or 3 in the morning. The whole desert assassins crew was asleep minus us. That's my experience with Metomi. I went through it twice in one day.


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Planning to go through on Thurs before the race. From Mike's across the lakebed and out Matomi to Gonzaga. 2 buggy pre runners.

How long do you guys think that will take? Planning 6 hours from Mikes to Gonzaga

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I got to drive that section in the 09 SF250. My first and only SCORE race (so far). I caught one of those Matomi rocks and pitched the drive line out the back. We were going again in just a few minutes. We finished the race in 2nd in the new class "6". Best part; my dad was the checkered flag man at the finish.


well, in this '93 b1000 edition the matomi wash section was also run twice (m.m. 230 & 490) except for class 11 and 7stock,

footage is from ouch production media
The next year, 1994, I raced through with running water filling the whole wash. It was foot deep and the 2-1600 was struggling to stay running - all in the middle of the night .

Toughest section of a race I ever drove.