Max X Glamis video

Curtis Guise

Did anyone see that show Max X tonight? They showed some guy jumping on his bike and a white ranger with H & M on the hood was going up the back of the jump, and the guy on the bike just hit the hood and windshield and flipped over the truck. It was perfect timing the way it happened because any sooner or later he probably would have smacked the front of the truck.


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That happened about 2 years ago, the reason I know is that the guy that was on the bike was going to buy a truck I had for sale and at the time he asked me if I saw him on MAX X, I said no so he told me about it, he had been doing that jump a couple of times and the guy in the H&M ranger pulled up to see the action not knowing he was right were he was landing, the guy broke one wrist fractured the other bruised some ribs and meesed up his foot....