Mccallum #149 race report/updates!!!!!


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whew what a day saturday was, we were havin a great run until the last lap of second heat where i hit something big while in ashcrafts dust. that sent me over i think once and then on my lid then back on wheels, the cap was ripped off the coolant recovery tank which is what caused me to take a not so pleasant bath. i ended up with second degree burns to my back, neck, left wrist and right hand. i dont really remember a whole lot other than the ride to the hospital with my dad and jimmy nuckles in jimmys truck, i do remember jimmy going at least 120 as i think we outran someone in black and white. i am lucky that some of my friends watched it happen and were right there to help me out after it happened, as i was in shock from burning and just taking a hard hit. i cant thank larry wyatt and miles enough for their quick reactions and getting my soaked suit off of me. those guys helped a lot, thanks again. the car is in pretty good shape, little cosmetic damage. they are already working on it and changed the location of the coolant recovery tank so this doesn't ever happen again. we should be ready for the mdr superstition race no problem. not sure if i will be able physically from the burns but i am mentally ready to go again. thanks everyone as i have had a ton of calls and emails of support this week. special thanks to my crew, family , and friends for taking care of me and getting the car ready for the next one. thanks again and see you all in october!


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That's a racecar driver. Glad you are OK and ready to get back in the saddle.


Glad you are OK Shawn. Good luck with your recovery. Watching you and Ashcraft in that second heat was a treat. I would really like to see you in a SCORE or BITD race. You are pretty quick in that car of yours and think you would give some of these quick guys like Josh Daniel, Letner, LVDC, Hovey, and Wilson to name a few a good run for their money. How about it??


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I am glad to see you are ok. We were pitted next to you and watching you run down Ashcraft when all the sudden you weren't there anymore. Your crew tried to reach you over the radio but there was no response back. Ryan and I jumped in the jeep and started heading towards were we didn't see your dust anymore (right around check 2 somewhere). Larry must have been very close to where it happened because by the time we were around the course where we thought you should be, we couldn't find the car because it had already been removed towards the road and pretty far away from the course.
Like I said, we are glad to hear that you are okay. You were bookin'! Hope to see you back in the car again soon.


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Glad to hear you are ok and intend on being back in the car soon. I wish you a speedy recovery. I look forward to possibly meeting you down there at the superstition race. We are returning to el centro as it has been since the late '80s and '90s since we raced there last. We used to race class 10, and battled your dad, the whitted's, john marking, bill hammock, craig dillon, etc......your dad would probably remember mike mcdonnell, tim mcdonnell and me (in the goldline, badenochs sponsored 10 cars). Anyway, get well and we will see you down there.....


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Way to go dookie dookie.... Back in the saddle glad your ok.... For anyone that hasn't met the McCallum's they're one great group of people die-hard racers and willing to help anyone anytime... Thanks Crazy & Dookie.


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Its good to here youre ok and ready to go again.You picked the right guy to get you to the hospital in a hurry.


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Truely glad to hear that your ganna be ok Shawn. Hope for a fast recovery from the burns. See ya at the next race.


glad to hear that you are alright, hope you get healed up and can make the october race.

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glad to heard you OK Shawn, a wish for a quick recovery, maybe ill be the for the MDR race doing some filming, say hi to your DAD, and what about a McCallum racing comeback to the CODE Races, and some quick tour to downtown in Mexicali, to visit some touristic places :cool:. great times

see ya.


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Good Luck Shawn with a speedy recovery ! :D 149 was bringing it on Saturday YIKES :eek: You guys are what Plaster City racing is all about ! :D You definetly represent !!! Look forward to staging you at the MDR race !! :D:D


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Glad to hear you are ok, wish you a speedy recovery and hope you guys will be out in oct. Makes you rethink where you mount thinks, something like that never crossed my mind. I will go look over my truck and make sure I have nothing like that around me. I also would not think that the overflow would be that hot, good we learn from this, bad this has to happen so we do learn. Get well soon

go woody

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That was fun racing with you Shawn Iheard Iroosted you pretty bad lap 1 check 2 didnt know you were there .sorry. get well soon


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Take ur time Shawn, there will be plenty of racing ahead.....Nice to know that u are recovering.


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Wow that sounds scary glad you are alright!!!