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McKENZIE'S 500 - 100 mile loop - Johnson Valley, CA


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So it goes down that hill? Ooh I hope so.
Or goes around it to the south. There is 2 ways to get through that area. Shame we can't race north of there like we used to. Could imagine how big of a loop Cody could make using that long run to north bessemer area.


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Not sure if we will run down the hill or go around. Haven’t been out there since 2014. Other option would be to go down the waterfall like the trophy trucks did at KOH. That area is super remote though, and a radio dead zone also, not sure if it’s worthit. If this years 500 is a success definitely might try that area next year though.

Zac Reish

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the terrain near the military boundary on the east side of the sand hill is so awesome. If you went around it and up the backside going down is super fun too and way easier to get up that way too.
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We pulled many cars up that sand hill that afternoon/night. Unfortunately a few had already fried their clutches and we were just getting them to the topside for their crews.
I wonder if I know any of those cars?


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The Johnson Valley devil has a wrench that fits every bolt on your car.... You better prep for this unless it goes contrary to your religious beliefs... At night the track completely changes every lap....


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I wonder if I know any of those cars?
We "might" have pulled you guys back to camp that day. And we 'might" have kidnapped Johnny on the way back to tow more cars. Good times


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A little over 4 weeks away from the May 3rd deadline for deposits! The entry list has a long way to go to reach the 100 minimum. If you want to run five 100 mile loops in Lucerne then you need to get entered and spread the word!

M.O.R.E. - Mojave Off Road Racing Enthusiasts - McKenzie's 500

how many more deposits do we need??? i just sent mine in
there is only 29 pre-entered as of this morning but how many of the 29 have paid deposits???


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As of today there are 35 entries, 18 of those have paid the deposit... I know everyone is going to wait till the last minute, but all that is going to do is decrease interest and entry numbers...get entered ASAP!


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Come on class 5 guys!!


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Why is this race not on the schedule on race dezert website? I don't think that will help! That's the only way I usually know when the races are


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#2072 Just entered and paid deposit. I will rally up my fellow Class 2000 racers!


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Cody, what are the current entry numbers for the coolest Lucerne race in 2019??

Curtis Guise

Will be a fantastic event if we can get the entries...not even half way there at the moment. Got to get entered people!
I was just about to ask why 100 entries needed but I found the answer to my question on the MORE site. Here it is for anyone else. I hope it happens!


The McKENZIE'S 500 will feature a 98 mile loop and a 13 hr time limit resulting in increased MORE staff and more importantly, substantially increased BLM staff and hours. To cover these costs there must be a minimum of 100 race entries. As a result, there will be a $100 deposit or paid in full entry due by May 3rd.

If 100 entries with paid deposits are not met by May 3rd, the race course will be shortened to a 60 mile loop and the total distance will be 300 miles.


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Current entry list...only about half of these have paid the $100 Deposit.

Entry List: 45

Class 1 (5)
1560 Brad Etter
24 Brent Veenstra
144 Jim Knox
1 Jerry Larimore
197 Clarence Cleary

Class 10 (8)
1041 Todd Stemmerman
1088 Adam Tjelmeland
1029 David Barr
1095 Pat Gailey
1025 Nathan Martino
1008 Steve Bradford
1036 Andy Marsoun
1092 Brian Church R/S

Class 6100 (3)
6161 Ryan Agius
6104 Eric Trondle
6177 Jarrett Valenti

Class 1400 PRO (2)
443 Jeremy Deakins
455 Keith Smith

Ultra 4 (0)

Class 12 (2)
1253 Bob Depew
1207 Ryan Cohee R/S

Class 5U (8)
506 Cody Sum
5011 Dave Bonner
505 Martin Anguiano
5026 Derek Pocorena
5047 Adam Spitz
504 Cade Garcia
5012 Mike Belk 2nd R/S
535 Zac Reish R/S

Class 1400 (6)
1491 Jake Hill
1462 Trevor Hausman
1458 Lloyd Snyder
1486 Brian Younger
1411 Sawyer Chavez
1417 Dean Miller

Class 1600 (4)
1620 Ryan Etter
1623 Bryce Farrar
1621 Mike Harvey 2nd R/S
1605 Bryan Johnson R/S

Class 1350 (0)

Class 3000 (0)

Class 2900 (0)

Class 2000 (1)
2072 David Munoz

Class 5/1600 (0)

Class 9 (5)
924 Jeffrey Musgrave
929 Dan Wood 4th R/S
921 Kaleb Marschall 3rd R/S
923 Justin Cockrell 2nd R/S
925 Greg Hearn R/S

Class 1900 (0)

Class 1300 (1)
1303 John Ingold R/S

Class 11 (1)
1155 Joseph Hart R/S