McMillin Racing-Dan #23 and Luke #83 Baja 500 Qualifying Videos

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Crane Motorsports
#83 Racer Engineering Trophy Truck, Luke McMillin, El Cajon, Calif., Ford F-150, 5:34.38 (44.14mph). 13th qualifier, 3rd Fastest Time (5:33 in video)

#23 Geiser Bros Trophy Truck, Dan McMillin, La Mesa, Calif., Ford F-150, 5:58.00 (41.23mph). 1st qualifier, 18th fastest time, (5:55 in video)
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Qualifying towards the end had to be a big advantage. They even had some extra course workers pointing the way for later qualifiers.

Good job "Opening the way" Dan. Great time Luke.

Jorge Rodriguez

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How'd you guys like this year's qualifying course? Read some people saying that it was way better than before.

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I liked seeing Luke's truck because it looks bitchen..... More like riding along with them, than riding out on the front bumper.....


Crane Motorsports
I thought the course was great. Represented the first 100 miles very well. Going towards the front (or first in my case) didn't get to see the lines and overall track "open up" as much but I personally have never been a very strong qualifier. The race is what counts. Going towards the back may of been more of an advantage, as we saw with RG and Kyle LeDuc. RG would of been fast no matter where he went, but going in the back for this particular course probably played in your favor. Overall, great qualifying course, that had its share of challenges and I applaud SCORE for Doing something different. I am looking forward to our new Racer #23 TT. After racing the #83 at the Baja 1000, it's a better truck overall and doesn't have the body roll that our Geiser 23 shows. Thanks everyone for watching, hope you enjoyed it! Viva Baja!

Bomberos for Baja

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Two great views, fun to watch. Thanks for sharing!


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Great videos Dan & Luke, thanks for sharing, I wish more teams did this. Sharing gaming videos online is big business right now and these onboard videos have much of the same appeal, ie first person, or point of view. I think its a great way to expose more people to our sport, promote sponsors, and energize your fan base.

Since you posted this thread as a poll comparing your videos to Robby Gordon's, I'm assuming you're looking for feedback on the videos (not the driving). Well I voted that I liked Robby's better even though I enjoyed these. The 3 videos are distinctly different and each has their pros and cons.

Luke's Video (3rd Person POV)
Luke's video was shot as from the POV of a 3rd, center seated, person. This view showed Luke's steering wheel movements, and the GPS with the track and speed. Both are very interesting to watch and provide valuable information to the dedicated viewer. The trade off for being able to see the steering wheel and GPS is that the exterior field of view is rather small. With a small field of view it's hard to gauge the terrain, see the bumps, or get a feel for the speed. The time was fast but it felt slower than Dan's video. I did think Luke's video had the best sound, although that may be more about the camera it's self rather than the placement.

Dan's Video (Bumper Cam)
It looks like the camera was mounted to the front bumper and no parts of the truck were visible in the frame. This is a great way to see the most of what's going on in front of the truck. It really gives a since of speed and you can see every hit. The video however is very shaky with a lot of vibration blur being that far from the vehicle CG, and there is no visual baseline to help the viewer steady their eye. That visual baseline, part of the truck like the hood or roof, also helps the video software take out any camera shake producing a sharper picture.

Robby's Video (Visor Cam)
Shot from the top of the windshield area, showing a big exterior field of view, with high placement to show as much of the ground as possible makes his video better. There is plenty of visual baseline with the hood of the truck while still providing a great view of what is going on outside the truck. I would have loved to see a PIP or graphical overlay of the steering wheel, track, and speed, but the better view makes up for that.

Ideally I'd like to see multi camera setups on these trucks. This would give the ability to time sync and edit together all the great footage from testing, qualifying, or a race. A simple example of this would be a 4 camera edit, the main video a visor cam, then in the lower third where the hood is show the driver POV on the left, show navigator POV on the right, and a rear view in the middle. Edit them together for the first chapter of the video then show each separately at the end for hard core fans... or post the single views separately, at a later date later to get more hits from the same event.

Food for thought I guess :)

Any way I enjoyed the videos, thanks for sharing, now I'm going to go watch them again!



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how about the torq in the #83 Luke, damn did it pull hard, especially when it got lots of traction. I think a few times in that video I could feel it set me back in my chair. anyone else feel that?


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All seemed pretty close to each other with the exception of the right-hander with the rut running through it. RG was significantly faster there. Thanks for putting those up!


Crane Motorsports
Thank you for the feedback. The camera mounted on the #23 was actually on the roof towards the front visor. One of our crew guys aimed it just a little too high. I wish I would have mounted it like in Luke's truck. Gives a better POV from what the driver sees rather than from high above. The RG in-car footage is badass, but I liked the outside shots of his qualifying run more than from the Replay camera.

Thanks again everyone for the feedback and hope you enjoyed the videos.