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McNeil Explorer


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Hey... I just saw the Roll-over footage on Fox Net during Blue Torch for a motorcycle video that is coming out called, "slammed down". Where did they get the footage... and anyone know if there will be anymore truck footage in the vid?

Brian Mapes

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That cool that they has a little off road in there. I was watching one of the snowmobile videos called slednecks the other day on fuel tv and they showed a few clips from CORR of leducs truck and another one.


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was it the clip from when leduc flipped at dresser and renezeder hit him in the roof?? carl uses this clip in his tv commercial for lucas, he has it on his website.

Brian Mapes

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No, one was when leduc came around a corner then hit a jump and landed it and the other truck did the same thing. no one flipped.


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i saw that same clip on Bluetorch, i thought it was the mcneil explorer but wasnt sure, i thought the same thing about where did they get that.


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There was a Yellow explorer at the FUD race is it the same one that rolled at Rialto.It had there sticker on it.


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The new one you saw is the one that Perry McNeil built for himself. It is completely NOT the re-built Explorer. This new model is twice as gnarly.


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Ah the good ol' days. The video just doesn't do it justice....