MDR 200 night race course notes


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Marked the course today, Same course as last year. Zero changes......Let me say is FAST!!! The recent rains have left a portions of the course smooth, smooth enough that my P.O.S Yota was able to go 80 mph plus in some sections (acording to my GPS) There some rough sections as usual. The usual silt along Galloway dry lake is now shallow mud, may be dry by next sat.

Have a fun and safe race!!
*Same map, last years dates*


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Is there any place in the Mojave desert that Pat hasnt been????



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the secret underground bases... i had heard of them, but didnt believe. then a friend of mine told me about breaking during a race, wandering around, and finding a big air vent hidden in a bush.... ive heard lucerne is the ufo center of the world. however i was out there during the week, when there was NO ONE else there, for like 4 days, and didnt see anything. except a big rig went by on the dirt road twice every night, at the same time, with his lights off. very suspicious, odd indeed.