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MDR Bronco

John Bitting

At the MDR race this weekend there was an Orange and White Bronco.. I looked at it breifly but would like to get pics of the interior. It had very nice interior.. I was wondering if anyone knows who owns it and could possibly send me a bunch of pics of it.. Thank you in advance.


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It was Kevin McGilvery's prerunner. The truck was really clean. I heard it handles really good.


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Yeah Kevin's Bronco is very nuce I helped him fix it on a BITD pre-fun-run at the TT250. What's cool about it to me is that it still has coils and leaf springs but it works like a champ.


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If you get the right setup in anything, coils and leaf springs work just as well as coil overs. The duralast 8 truck had leafs, our 8 truck has leafs and coils, our pre runner does as well, the light force class 8 has leafs, and look at how fast the full stocks go with leafs and coils. I think Foutz got a top 10 over all in a stock truck with that setup. It is also cheaper.