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So who is going to the next race?

For those that are interested I have the course as a track file in two format *.low and *.plt .If you want it for your GPS PM me and I will send it to you.


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Greg & I will be working the road crossing at Stoddard Wells and the Power Line Rd. MDR can use more volunteers for road crossings (I think there are like 8 of them this time!) so if you're interested in helping out give Patricia a call or private message/email me and I'll put you in contact with her. Also, anyone want to help pick up the course markers afterwards? Let me know!

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We'll have to see if I get this damn truck done or not heh. So far I have done just about nothing! heh. I'm lagging.

Well back to work (on the truck)!

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We'll be there. Racing in the pre-runner class (#1303) trying to work out all the new car bugs. Hopefully that little bit of rain yesterday will keep some of the dust down....

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we will be there in the "dog-eater" mobile. we were out there last weekend for the poker run and the coarse is pretty nasty from what we saw and heard from jamie campbell. good luck to everyone.


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Frank, I'm planning on going. Ruben has told me generally where you pit so when some yahoo in a gumball blue glass buggy rolls up......

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When are you planning to pick up markers Jen? Sunday morning????



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The T&J's blue JEEPSPEED cherokee will be there, looks light at least 7 in JEEPSPEED and 13 in 1450 should be a fun one.


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Frank, Im not going to make it this weekend, I need to work on my truck, and I need to get all of my guys set up for next week. I will be down at the shop at 2:00 on tuesday to help load and haul equipment to mexico. iI told Dennis I would chase him on wed. if he needed me to. tell Carolyn good luck!!! I think this is the first race ive missed in about 2 years :eek:( Oh one more thing , Dennis said youve got the 5 car fixxed again and you and Dale are racing it at the MDR, be carefull and have fun. if a spot opens up i would like to ride in it again. later, Mark


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Your loyal Dusty Times reporter will be there! I'd love for all the finishers to take the time to talk to me at the finish line. If not come back after you rest and give me your race stories, whether you finished or not. If I don't know what happened to you and your vehicle I can't write about it. Thanks and see you in Barstow!!!