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C'mon you racers!!! I've already received more responses from the SNORE racers than the regular MDR racers. Send those race facts ASAP!! THANKS SO MUCH!



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Here's an update for you. #571 performed a perfect triple gainer on the third lap about mile #4. The results of the wreck may be terminal to the L&S Motorsports team. The worst part about it, we don't believe there were any witnesses! Oh well, that's racing. The car is already being torn down. Hope to have it repaired by Kartek. We'll see. Needs new rear torsion, also stroked an engine. When it rains, it pours. Hope to be back soon.
Jeremy Lindsay - #571 co-pilot


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Sorry to hear that... If I wasn't so busy I would offer some help. Hope everyone is okay



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Triple gainer, huh? What would that be Jeremy, a somersault on 2 wheels? You guys looked good coming through start/finish. I think you came in a little sideways at the completion of lap 2? Boy, almost took me out trying to stop at the checkpoint. It's too bad to hear the car is banged up as bad as it sounds. Hopefully you guys can put it back together for the Kartek. Lucerne can be a super-speedway in certain areas. It's one of my favorites that MDR runs. Good luck with the car, see you in June. [email protected] Racing