MDR Wild Wash 250


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May 19, 2001
Idyllwild, California
Fellow niners,
Well – it nice to see the site up again. I thought I would post about our last race - the MDR Wild Wash 250 with the hope that other nine racers will post their experiences. First of all it was exciting to see other nine cars entered. Last MDR season, the nine car entries were few.
We felt confident about our prep before the race, and we were looking forward to a good race. However, the one “little thing” that is overlooked will always come back to haunt us. On our first lap, around mile marker 26, at the roughest downhill section on the course, the nut that holds down the distributor clamp came off, and the whole distributor popped out, and resulted in burning-out everything under our distributor cap. Our chase truck at pit C blew a tire on the way out to assist, so the truck from pit A ended up getting to the car first. It did not take long to repair the damage, but the small screw that secures and grounds the condenser was missing – thus we were forced to use duct tape and bailing wire to hold it all together, and hope for a proper ground - which ended up being inadequate - we were forced to coast off the course several times afterward to re-secure it the whole mess. Our first lap ended up being 2 hours and 40 some minutes.
The course appeared a little more rough then usual, and it appears all the nine cars had their own troubles. None of us finished within the 8-½ hour limit – although the finishers got close. Well have a better prep for the next one . . .

We want to thank MDR for putting on such a great racing series. I also want to mention that it is a pleasure to race with the racers and teams that compete in the MDR series. A great bunch of people.

See you in April – (I hope . . .)