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MDR's Season Finale


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MDR\'s Season Finale

Just want to wish good luck to all the MDR competitors at this event. This will be the only MDR event that I have missed. I will be racing the two event at the Parker Grand Prix. Coverage of this event will be provided by Mike Hinson. So, if you see someone taking pictures of your Class 9 car, it's probably Mike; not Sports Illustrated! Good Luck to all.

I, on the other hand, will be having my ass handed to me by Rick Poole (again).


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Re: MDR\'s Season Finale

Now, now, Mr. Hayosh - lets knock off those negative vibes, think positive and go kick some butt. Wish I could be in Parker - love that landrush start!- with ya but I have a little un-finished business to attend to in Barstow this weekend.
Gonna miss ya at the MDR race but I'm sure your not going to miss it much - we are racing the rough course, well all of Barstow is rough, but this is the rougher of the courses we've raced out there this year - anyways I think you get my drift - Barstow sucks. But we still have fun!