Me name is Alex....looking for my next project wrangler vs bronco vs k5

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My family and I have been getting more info off-roading the last few years! Looking for my next project

I currently just finished rebuilding a 1982 cj7 and my dad is finishing up his cj7 as well. My brother has a new 4 door rubicon (rides so much better then a cj7 lol)

So my next project vechical I want something that can run the desert dunes and do very mild rock climbing nothing to difficult, brothers rubicon is stock we use him as a trail dummy, if he can't do it we don't try lol. So I personally have narrowed down my next vechical choice and been all over the forums and doing research for the last couple months and now I finally created a profile and look forward to hearing your guys opinions and knowledge so thank you again in advance...

So I have 3 vechical lined up this weekend to go check out all under 3,000 (trying to do a budget build trying) and I want to stay fuel Injection....I'm kinda leaning towards a full size because we starting to camp more and Carrying gear in a jeep,even the new 4 doors, space is limited...

Let's not get the BRAND LOYALTY GOING please

1. 1990 chevy blazer 4x4 looks stock (transmission is starting to slip rebuilt one would cost 600-800)
2. 1990 bronco with a 351 looks stock (cheapest out of all of them the guy says runs good just gets a little white knuckling over 50, I know tie rods u joints ball joints etc)
3. 1998 tj (4 cylinder sadly) doesn't look lifted or anything

Again I haven't seen this vechical in person yet so obviously it comes down to which one runs better rust etc but being that I live in ca vechical don't get as rusty as must places.

I get that broncos have TTB which is to my understanding great for desserts etc but a pain in the ass to keep aligned...I've also been in contact with giant moto sports, solo, and Threat to get an idea on pricing etc. IVE SEEN A LOT OF YOUTUBE VIDEOS OF GIANT AND SOLO BUT HAVE NOT SEEN ANY VIDEOS OF THREAT. If anyone has any videos on threats kits I'd appreciate it (they seem like cheapest money wise compared to the other companies)

If I go with the K5 I was wondering how good would deavers all 4 corners with decent shocks perform in dessert and dunes . And it's good that it already has a straight axle as well as chevy running gear is nice easy and motor swap down the road would be easier...(frame isn't as strong as a bronco if I understand correctly so might have to box it in down the line? And I heard there axles are weak but easy to swap)

TJ- the dreaded 4 cylinder (best resale value out of all them, even tho we all swear that we won't sell our projects lol you never know)....actually an amazing deal on a TJ if it running good etc, especially as of lately prices have been going up lately this would need a v8 swap

As of right now I would run anything bigger then 35 so imagine that ttb and other axles would be okay...on the TJ probably wouldn't go above 33s until a v8 swap was done but that would be down the line because the money it cost...

Thank you again

RanchoPacific Motorsports

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I would go with the Bronco, you get better differentials and you can get much better performance out of the suspension dollar to dollar compared to the blazer. The Fuel injection is also better on the Bronco then on the Blazer


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Yes go with the bronco a lot of kits and parts . All affordable and have been tested so you know it works. I like the giant stuff have a lot on my 1993 f150. And Geoff at giant is a great guy who can answer all your questions. He helped me and actually talked my down from spending money. No upsell ing. Like some shops. Not saying solo or threat do that as I have not dealt with them.

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