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memorial page


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i think a great ideal would be to make some sort of memorial page for those who have been in the sport and have passed on...alot of those people gave a lot to the sport in helping keep it alive....justa thought


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Great idea!
A memorial page for those people who have passed away to the big dust cloud in the sky is a wonderful thought, As you probably have heard one of OffRoad racings best supporters passed away 2 weeks ago"Sandy Parker" He was a super guy, totally comitted to Offroad for the last 30 years.
He was the #1 promoter for the CORE pit club as well as a racer himself, he will be greatly missed but never forgotten. Rob Stapp #975


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Hey Rob, I wanted to tell you that I thought you bringing Sandy's old car to the funeral and lettering his name on it was way way cool. You have a lot of class, and brought a lump to a lot of people's throat's. Thank you for taking the time to do that.