Mendeola Manxter

Mike Mendeola has embarked on another business venture this time involving Bruce Meyers. Introducing Mendeola Signature Motors' line of Mendeola Manxters.
If you guys would like to see more updates of this and other builds, please let me know I will post them here. Otherwise, I will quietly go away. :)



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There was one of these at the Mint and I dug it for sure!!!


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The warn hub sway bar disengage is awesome man, way to think outside the box.
Each Manxter is tailored to the clients needs. Prices range between 20k and 100k, this one is on the middle upper end of that range. There's a pretty sweet A-arm build going on too, if you guys are interested I can post photos of that one as well.

RaceTec Pistons

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Yeah, I would be interested in seeing the A-arm build as well... Do you offer different Transaxle combinations and can it be ordered without an engine?


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Very nicely done. I've been thinking about doing something like this as cantilever pivots for the rear suspension/swaybar tie-in for some time. However I don't think i would have done it anywhere near as cleanly.

harleys dad

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Here are a couple more images.
I am blown away by the CV axel angle for a 2300 pound car. Unless the picture is somehow showing an illusion. I dont think I have ever seen an axel with that much angle. I like these cars, I would love to have one