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Mendeola S4 Shift linkage

Chris Langmayer

New Member
Has anyone set up a Mendeola S4 with solid shift linkage? I am running a Hargett Shifter and have had issues using a cable. Was told a solid shift linkage (1/2" tubing) would work best. Looking for examples of the setup. Any info would help



New Member
I had an S5 with Mendi shifter and cable, never had an issue with it. I have a friend that tried the Hartgett shifter and had problems with the throw travel for the cable, went back to the mendi shifter and it was fine. Also know someone that had trouble with a S5 using solid shifter but mounted on nolathane bushes. On a big bump the trans would move slightly on the mounts causing a mis shift. The Mendeola shifters look ugly but work ok. Not many sequential Mendis in Australia, I found a fair bit of info on a Glamis Dunes sites.