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Message to Kartek car 916


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My thanks to everyone at the Kartek 400. You guys make racing enjoyable eventhoughI'm in a class 11(#1115).
Anyway my message is for Tom Steeno. Tom my friend, you're a class act. Ram the [censored] out of me and not stop to ask how we are or a post-race hello. What the hell, buddy? I talked to plenty people out there and they told me to get you dQ'ed. But I didn't...because I would hate to damage your 5th in class point standings. You're friggen lucky I managed to get it fixed enough to go on. I'll stop now so I don't piss you off anymore and so I can start on the repairs.


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Everybody that races, knows thats a sin to hit a Class 11. Unless this guy was in your dust and could see you when he hit you, he should be beggin for your forgiveness.


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Hang in there guys. It brings a smile to my heart to see you come through start/finish. At the start of your second lap the deck lid appeared to have had someone's aggression released into it. I'm glad you made the decision to inform Patricia and Jim from MDR. I don't know how it would be handled as far as MDR is concerned but I think it would be appropriate to request that Mr. Steeno pay for the cost of the repairs. Don't worry about their standing within the points because a Fair 9er is tearing up the competition.


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Can you put all the details of that in your email to me about the race?? I'd love to hear what happened and have the info for the article on the race. cannoncpa@earthlink.net"]cannoncpa@earthlink.net[/url] or 626 653-2024. Thanks.



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A few points regarding nerfing, Class 11, and filing protests:

1) Mike is correct. Past Competition Review Boards have determined that since rule CR43 does not provide for rear-end protection in this class, no nerfing of any kind is allowed.

2) Jeff, while many may say that it is admirable that you did not desire to protest the actions of entry #916, it is clear that they did not give you the same consideration. Apparently, their race was more important than yours.

3) Filing a protest against another competitor is rarely popular. However, if we don’t take the time to hear these matters it is irrational to expect their conduct at future events will be any different.


Reese King, Marshal
IDRA Competition Review Board