Metal Mulisha's Deegan on the Podium Again

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Metal Mulisha’s Brian Deegan
Finishes on the Podium but is far From Satisfied

Not since before the 2008 racing season started had there been this much internet talk and anxious anticipation from both fans and the participants. So serious was the challenge for the dozen or so racers involved that many shops were working until the wee hours of the night leading up to last Saturday’s M4SX SXS Stadium Series and it’s first ever “celebrity” modified “elite” race. Only 250cc 4-strokes were allowed to race, which somewhat evened the field (or so we thought.)
Phil “PJ” Wenzel had contacted Deegan soon after the “celebrity” raced was announced asking if he would be interested in racing in his ELITE kart. It was about 2 words later that Brian said “Hell yah!” The K1SPEED, Alba ActionSports, Metal Mulisha, RockStar Energy, Makita team spent the entire day last Thursday at the Lake Elsinore track getting Brian used to driving something a little smaller than his Pro-Lite Ford. After about 50 laps of testing, as far as Deegan was concerned, it was “game on!”
In true race gremlin fashion, from the moment the kart was unloaded for tech inspection on race day, Deegan’s boys spent all day battling a lingering problem with loosing brakes. As it was, Brian was still able to qualify in the 3rd position heading into the main event. After a quick meeting between Deegan and Wenzel (the primary driver) PJ decided to scratch himself from his own heat race and save the kart for Brian and the “big show” later that night. It also meant that the crew that had busted their butts all day to even get the kart so there was 60% brakes had to step it up once again to quickly prep the kart with only 1 race between the main events. With a new set of MAXXIS tires and a quick re-bleeding of the brakes Deegan battled back and forth with Casey Currie, Kyle LeDuc, and the relatively unknown newcomer Shawn Howard. Even after LeDuc shed the complete, (brand new I might add) body, it was apparent that he did his homework and had his kart dialed in. The 2nd spot on the podium was still up for grabs between Curry, Deegan, and Howard. Multiple passes on nearly every lap all the way to the white flag when Curry was able to put a small gab between him and the other 2 racers. The fans in attendance were treated to a very unexpected, but highly entertaining and exciting race. With just 2 corners remaining, Deegan got into the back of Howard turning him around as if to almost say to the new guy, “Welcome to the big leagues kid.” Finishing order was Kyle LeDuc on the top spot with Casey Currie 2nd and Brian Deegan 3rd.
Once back in the pits, the crew went right to work getting the kart ready for PJ’s main event which turned out to be the last race of the night. In a true testament to how hard the Amsoil team worked all day, the #523 modified finished 6th. Right as the white came out, Wenzel “lawn-darted” into the front stretch table top barely keeping it on its wheels. Obviously shaken, Wenzel finished the race but drove right to the infield ambulance to be checked out. Badly bruised and having the wind knocked out of him, he is already talking about the last round of racing at Perris Speedway. Brian Deegan was also talking about “next time.” “The fans are going to see a whole different K1SPEED, Alba ActionSports, Maxxis Tires, RockStar Energy, METAL MULISHA kart! “For sure!”
Fans can meet the entire K1SPEED kart team at the DEZERT PEOPLE 7 premier this Sunday @ K1SPEED from noon till 8pm.


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Awesome!! They put on a hell of a show.......Cant wait for RD 8!! McGrath, where you at?

David Casas

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Does that mean that im going to the Desert People premire with you guys?....In other words has the weekend blown over yet over there? it safe? jajaja