Mexican 1000 Truck Build - The Beer Hauler


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beer, boobs, and bad language.... if any of this offends you don't watch this!!!!

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My buddy just sent that to me the other day. Definitely not kid or work friendly, but awesome!

Is it wrong that I was hoping to see the "Beer Hauler" as his truck when they cut to that in the video?


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Driving the Beer Hauler to Vegas for the NORRA/BITD memory lane exhibit. Ohhhhh yeah!
Me TOO!! Well, hopefully off the trailer at least......


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Can't wait to see the Challenger! That thing is fugg'in priceless and a very important piece of off road history. If you have the time in Vegas, I would love to get the VIP tour of the car. See you there! (BTW...I still want to get some art from you of the Beer Hauler).


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This is pretty cool. After a very long time...I finally figured out most of the history on my truck. Some dude 'friended' me on facebook and at first I was skeptical, but it turned out to be my truck. This dude took great care of the truck, but it got hammered after he sold it. I don't know that history. Enjoy the facebook banter.

Hi Matt, I used to own your Ford F100. It was built by Randy Fortune for Dennis Sellers. I bought it from Dennis back in 1987 and we used it for prerunning the Mint 400 and HDRA races and sold it to a guy named Doug Bek around 1991 or 1992. Great truck. How did you find it? Are you racing it again soon, would love to see it. Take care and best regards, Glenn Perkins
May 12th, 5:10pm

Hi Matt, I have just been spending the last half hour checking our your build page on Race Dezert! You have done an awesome job!! Yes! I bought it from Dennis Sellers back in 1987. I was going to college at the time and my brother and I were heavily into off road racing.

I went to Sellers house in San Clemente and he took us to his garage where he kept it. I paid $14,000 for just the truck as is

He used to race Class 10 single seaters and used it for prerunning and for towing his trailer.
Hi Glenn:

Which is hard to imagine, as when I got it it had a Chrisman Spool and 4.10 gears, not exactly a perfect tow rig

Thanks for the kind words. Who did you sell it to?

I sold it to a rather eccentric guy named Doug Bek.

I was working for Yamaha Corporation and was based in Marina Del Rey.

He kept a boat there and saw the truck in the parking lot and offered to buy it

I told him it wasn't for sale, but he was persistent.

The funny thing is, he didn't know anything about off roading, didn't care about off roading or anything, he wanted it as a hunting vehicle.
I bought it from a guy who lived in Utah. It was a complete mess. Engine had cracked heads, spool was wasted. It had also been rolled onto the LH side and the door was all bonded up.

I wonder if Doug sold it to the guy you bought it from.

Wow, sad to hear it was trashed.

I am going to put some pics up of when I owned and maintained it. It was absolutely pristine!

When I sold it, it had a spool, otherwise stock rear axle, drum brakes.
Did you see the feature that Dirt Sports magazine did on it?

No, I haven't seen it, can you send a link please? Thanks
Ok...hang on.

When I got it, Randy Fortune had built what he called a 'Bud Motor' for the truck. Seler said the 'Bud Motor' was from Bud Moore racing, google them, they were a major roading racing enterprise back in the day. That engine blew up on the way to the Mint 400, the crank shaft had split in two, majaor engine carnage. I replaced it with a relatively mild 400 cid Ford Engine, that I got throught Engle Cams. Engle was one of our sponsors. Nice, engine, maybe 350 hp or so, nothing radical.

The workmanship was amazing, the welds, special brackets, the unusual stock looking dashboard, I really liked that truck.

Sellers was tall guy and had Mastercraft custom build a bench seat, so he could prerun with 2 other people.

I noticed that when you got it, it had two gas tanks, how strange.

The Beer Hauler

When I had it, there was a 30 gallong aluminum tank to the rear, under the bed with a very nice skid plate. Behind the cab in the bed was a 'pit box', locking aluminum box with tools and the battery. It was all meticulous made perfect sense.

I like what you have done, very nice!! When are you racing again?

Who is the guy that put the grill on with tie wraps? the horror!! hehe
It has a new Currie rear end...trussed Ford 9" with 4:56 gears. The engine is now a Ford Racing 427 SB...535 hp on pump gas. The trans was completely gone through by Gear Works which is the sister company to Kroyer Racing engines.

For years, I always wondered what happened to the truck, we always called it the Prerunner, glad to see it survived and you have taken it to the next level.

Sounds amazing!! Were you able to meet Randy Fortune? Is he still around?
We ended up swapping out the 1/2 ton front I-beams with 1 tone ones. Effectively we converted it from a pre-runner into a race truck for NORRA. The cage in the cab is totally redone.

There were a couple of trucks very similar that we used to see back in the day. Infact, in an old episode of the TV show Chips, they go off road racing and it features a Class 8 F150, blue with yellow stripe, almost identical to your truck!

Those ibeams had a lot of caster, gave it a great stance and was always very fast off road .

The CHIPS truck was owned by Dale Sexton from Riverside and Larry ....can't remember his name, but

yes, Larry Wilcox, I think.
'John' from the TV show actually co-drove in the Baja 1000.
Yes Wilcox

Yes, I remember!
We had our 1 ton I-beams bent to the exact same castor as your 1.2 ton beam. Super stable at speed but a beeeech in a parking lot. Haha

yes, the turning radius wasn't the best, hehe

I remember whenever we went around turns, it was always chirping and wearing out the tires.

Our tire sponsor was General, so I had new mud terrains, they actually worked well.
The Mexican 1000 is actually going on right now. I have commitments to race the whole SCORE series and couldn't sandwich in the NORRA race in between the IV250 and the Baja 500. So I will race it next year.

Haha, Dennis Sellers told me that you steer with the rear end, soon I found out what he meant. hehe

I was noticing your pictures, yes, the motor was as far back as they could put it, great weight distribution. And that steering box bracket, cad plated, was one of my favorite pieces on the truck.
I was asked by Falken to have it there, but they have weird rules regarding logos on cars. In other words they heavily frown upon people that are not displaying at SEMA having their logo on an exhibitor car. Weird, but I didn't want to blank out PBR or Polaris.

Yes, I totally understand. The PBR and Polaris logos are great!
I have become good friends with former Baja 1000 overall winner Mark Stahl. He is down in Baja this week at the MX1k in his ex-Ivan Stewart Coco Corral F100 pre-runner...built into a NORRA truck. His is a stepside as well.
Are you involved in the off road industry?

Dennis Sellers had some strange specifications for the truck as I recall... when I got the truck, he had steel modular wheels on it. He said it so if you smash a rim in Baja, you could straighten it with a sledge hammer...Those were the first to go.I put some PCA wheels on the truck that I got from Tom Morris, 15x8, my first alteration to it. hehe

Also, he didn't want rear discs, he said it was easier to fix drum brakes. Same with the factory sized lug nuts. I always wanted to go to 11/16 studs, with a Summers Brothers rear axle set up, but never did, too expensive at the time, but it all worked well

Great!! I have a picture of Coco and Ivan's truck from the Fireworks 250 in Barstow, that is a nice truck, love the body style.
It had rear discs when I got it but they were off of a Lincoln or something. Now the rear has floating hubs with Willwoods.

Full floaters are top of the line!!
My truck had 17" Centerline beadlock prototypes when I bought it. The guy I bought it from said that he got the truck from a former editor of Off Road Magazine and they had the wheels. But I think that is BS. I gave the Centerlines to my buddy Jason who did most of the fab work on the truck.

Yes, I saw that pic of the truck, white with no stripes, those wheels are kind of weird looking.
How did you come across my name on Facebook?

When I had the truck, it was 'Chevy White' or 'Corvette white", which is a nice bright white with Sellers racing colors on it. I was never fond of the stripes that Sellers had on it. I was going to leave the truck white with stripes in the BMW racing colors, but never did. When I sold it, it looked just like in the picture on my page.
It is Wimbledon white now which is a Ford color with number fields in bright white. The PBR logos are actually painted on. Good thing I have a buddy who is a car painter. Haha

It's funny...I googled 'Randy Fortune Walker Evans' and came to an article about the Norra Mexican 1000. I saw your name, so I googled Matt Parks Norra and Matt Parks Facebook...I saw your picture with the Polaris and the KTMs and thought, this must be the guy. So I was looking at your pictures and see the white F100 and there was no mistaking the rear bumper or the rear cage assy...those big mirrors were not on there when I had it, I just had one small drivers side mirror.

yes, your paint scheme looks great! Color choices are perfect!!

I mostly race 'golf carts'...aka UTV's now. If you google Matt Parks desert racing you will see what I have been doing in the dirt.
Great pics! Any pictures of the bed?

I was looking for a bed picture, it was very simple, just aluminum panels, the bed box and the horizontally mounted spare. Also there was a really neat Walker high lift hydraulic jack in the bed, with very customer mounting used air craft quick release fasteners, very meticulously made.

When I got the truck it had 12 massive Gabriel racing shocks, no extenal reservoirs, kind of old school hehe

Haha! That is awesome! I remember the name, Randy was Walker's co-driver. We had so much fun back then, it was kind of a golden age for the Class 8 trucks.

That front skid plate will never wear out! haha. I have to admit, I never pushed the truck to it's limits, I tend to baby my stuff. I used to drive it to the races, so I had to make sure it made it home.

I wish I would have gone, the Mint 400 was always our favorite race!

Wow, so you kept it street legal! The beer hauler is the perfect name!
No, he was an old grumpy fart. He would pre-run SNORE races with a few buddies. But honestly, your heart would have been broken seeing the truck. It was a complete wreck when I bought it.

I like your crate motor! I restored a Stroppe Bronco a while back and used a Ford Motorsport crate motor, worked perfectly.

I was reading your threads, great writing by the way. Too bad he didn't maintain it better.
It is the 'Beer Hauler' to pay a bit of homage to Robbie Gordon's 'Hay Hauler' with a PBR twist. Haha. We even mounted a bottle opener to the front frame rail. At last years NORRA Mexican 1000 Bruce Meyers from Meyers Manx fame asked if he could open his Coronas with it. I slobbered all over myself and said, 'absolutely.'

The truck was so well sorted when I got it, other than having the engine blow, and doing shocks, front springs and some minor stuff, the only thing it needed was a new paint scheme and some interior upgrades, hehe.

I do the same thing, most of my cars have a Starr X opener mounted on them somewhere, even though I don't drink alot, hehe

The most incredible off road driving I have ever seen was a 15 or 16 year old Robby Gordon driving Venable's Hay would hear it coming a mile away.

I will put up some of my old pff road pics from the 80's. Wish I was a better photographer, but they're fun to look at.

Do you know if the guy you bought the truck from bought it from my buyer, Doug Bek? I have no idea what Bek may have done to the truck, if anything. I took him as sort of a trust fund kind of guy, he lived on the beach in Hermosa, money was not a problem. He spent a good amount of the year in Ft. Lauderdale and fishing in the Abacos. hehe

Nice touch!! I like that bottle opener!!

You definately now have a very special interest vehicle, very collectable. You don't see many trucks like that ever come on the market,.
...and I can drive it into any parking lot and set of no fewer than three car alarms. Ha

It was Fortune, according to Sellers. We met Fortune once at the races. We were at the Fireworks 250 just parked, watching the cars go by. We were just spectating, he came up and introduced himself and we talked for a good while about the truck. It seemed there was a philosophy behind every feature, the truck was pretty simple yet very intricate, I thought, very functional. He was pretty cool. At the time he was building dragsters.
Also somebody said that Todd Clement from Wide Open Baja tours used to own the truck and used it in Baja as a chase truck.

Haha, funny story! I used to drive it a few times a week to work in Marina Del Rey...One time, I pulled into a parking lot to get some lunch and parked next to a Highway Patrolman, figuring he could keep an eye on things...Mind you, at the time I had a 3 inch dual exhaust with blown out glass packs...I came out and he had written tickets for excessive noise, no rear mud flaps/too muchtire tread showing, no front license plate and for not having a fuel restrictor in the gas neck...all fix it tickets...I was so pissed!! hehe

That would be ironic if Todd Clement owned it...Todd bought my Stroppe Bronco from me, the one on my page..small world.

I have to get going, you have no idea how glad I am to meet you here and to hear these stories. So glad the Beer Hauler lives!!

You too, thanks. Here is my email:
May 13th, 5:08pm

Hi Matt, I thought you might get a kick out of this...this is the original interior. Sellers liked to prerun with 3 people in the cab, so he had Mastercraft build him a one-off, suspension bench seat...I always thought it was kind of odd, but it was very comfortable, you sank right into it, it worked great. Note the Winters floor shifter and how the roll bar came from the dash toward the rear floor, it was a real trick to get into the seat. If you still have those 5 point harnesses, they are worth big money. Diest padded yokes with jet-fighter style latching point. I always liked those door panels, very nicely done. I put some other pics up on my page if you want to see.

Old school f100 prerunner
Here are some pics of the truck that the guy I bought it from posted on RDC. It was roached compared to the way you had it. Boy that truck has some history.
my email is
Oh...The other reason we changed to the 1 ton beams was so we could put big race hubs on it. Sandy Cone built us some sweat ones!

I haven't been able to find any pics of the bed was set up for chasing and prerunning...At the front of the bed was this really nice custom locking aluminum box that fit between the bed down bars and shock the center of the bed was an area for a big cooler with tie down hooks...behind the cooler was the spare, mounted flat and that was basically it. The bed floor was .080 aluminum, pop riveted in.

Wow!!! Such butchery! It was really trashed when you got it!! That radiator installation and engine swap is a crime!! Makes me all the more glad to see what you have done with it! Incredible! You should get a medal for rescuing it!


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Sorry for the late update. Somehow I missed this post. The Beer Hauler is alive and well. I am either going to sell it or race it again. Also thinking of restoring a vintage Raceco that I found.

Mark Stahl

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Sorry for the late update. Somehow I missed this post. The Beer Hauler is alive and well. I am either going to sell it or race it again. Also thinking of restoring a vintage Raceco that I found. View attachment 168533
Matt, don't sell it, race it. Way to cool a truck to keep outta sight. Is it ready to go? We need more entries in VOTRL.

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Hi Mark. Yes it is ready to go, but no $$$ for this year. Thinking of next year for the Beer Hauler or for the whacky buggy I am looking at. Good luck at the MX1K this year amigo!. -MP


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Little birdy tells me next year might be special. And no, not Tom Birdy

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Sorry for the late update. Somehow I missed this post. The Beer Hauler is alive and well. I am either going to sell it or race it again. Also thinking of restoring a vintage Raceco that I found. View attachment 168533
Trade you a DirTrix buggy for it.....fully prepped and ready to go! LOL


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Somebody called out of the blue and wanted to buy the Beer Hauler. A deal was made...the truck delivered and it now has a new owner. Rumor has it that it will be on display in the Rigid booth at the SEMA show with a new light sponsor and sporting BFG's. Very sad to see this beautiful truck go, but hoping to see it in anger with it's new owner at the MX1K and possibly the Mint. Keep your eyes open in the Phoenix area, and you might spot it driving around getting exercise. Viva la BEER HAULER!


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Only 28 weekends to find and prep your next NORRA ride. Get off the internet and get ON IT!!!!
Congrats on the sale BTW. Still lots of "old junk" out there waiting to have one more shot at glory.


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Only 28 weekends to find and prep your next NORRA ride. Get off the internet and get ON IT!!!!
Congrats on the sale BTW. Still lots of "old junk" out there waiting to have one more shot at glory.
Thanks Chris! I am picking up my new ride next week if things go as planned. Going from a vintage 'country clubber' back to being an old school 'buggy dork.' Don't know if I will have it finished for NORRA or not, but two of my buddy's are planning on doing the mx1k for the first time; one in his CL10 and the other in a RZR. So I should be down there regardless.


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Ok, who bought the Beer Hauler? People know more than they're letting on. I'm very interested because it will or should be in VOTRL.


Covert Troll.
Ok, who bought the Beer Hauler? People know more than they're letting on. I'm very interested because it will or should be in VOTRL.
Ok, I figured it out. I didn't watch 50 episodes of "Magnum PI" for nothing. Carry on


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It should race in Legends truck class. Rear end is leaf and the shocks are all 2.0's.