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Mexican 18 year old Racer Needs Help


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Mods, kick this to the Bike section, but feel it should get more coverage here.

A young Mexican 18 year old quad rider, Jorge Gomez, had a horrific crash during the final ZR Promotions race of the year on Oct 30 west of Mexicali. Jorge cleanly broke his spinal cord and is presently paralyzed from the waist down. No need to comment on healthcare in Mexico, but would really like to help this kid out.

During the ZR Hare Scrambles at Sta Veronica in August Jorge was #1 quad in Quad Pro.

I don't like GoFundMe skimming of my contribution, but since this goes to Mexico I don't see another banking alternative. I contributed. Please help this kid out. Any dollar amount, no matter how small, amounts to alot. You can remain anonymous, if desired.


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update, Thursday morning he was ready for surgery but he operation was cancelled due to another critical person needing the plates and screws that where going to be used on him. Good news is his operation was successful yesterday and there is a great possibility he will be able to walk again. Thank you all who donated and help make this possible. I don't know the family personally but do have friends that do.