mexican entry visa


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what the visa us nationals need to enter mexico ?
what do you need to get it ?

cant seem to find the link on this subject, i know its been up before...



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I was told that if you dont go too far down (not sure how far) you don't need one.

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the site's a bit slow so:

1/31/03 The Mexican Government has now changed the law on tourist visas for San Felipe!!! If you are DRIVING to San Felipe, you can stay here for 7 consecutive days without having to get a tourist visa at the border. This is great news for visitors coming on sport fishing trips. Note that if you come in by air, you must still have a tourist visa if you will be staying more than 72 hours in Mexico OR if you are landing more than 25 kilometers south of the border (i.e if you fly to San Felipe from the USA). The visa is about $15 US dollars for these people.


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Officials at the Baja Caifornia border do not require US nationals to show any documentation to enter Mexico. We are supposed to obtain a Tarjeta de Turistas (Tourist Card) if we travel south of San Felipe or Maneadero.

The cards can be obtained at the border, most banks, and I believe Instant Mexico now has them for their customers.

In the 41 years I have been traveling to Baja I have only been asked to show my tarjeta at Guerro Negro Inspection Station and at a few Military checkpoints in Baja Sur.

It is my opinion that US nationals who travel regularly to Mexico should obtain a passport. It is the only form of international identification accepted and could help avoid unexpected problems. However, a passport is NOT permission to be in Mexico and a Tourist Card must still be obtained if traveling south of the towns listed above.

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