Mexico Fab/prep shop


Has anyone used any shops south of the boarder and have had good luck ?

I have a spec TT that is 90% done and I am looking for a good shop with reasonable rates to finish it.



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I can tell you who to stay away from. I sadly had my truck down at McNeil racing and they completely jacked it up.

Feel free to look at my thread on their “work”. I am still finding random stuff that they broke that they really had no reason to be touching.

Their fab work is a joke and down right dangerous.


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Have you ever ate at a restaurant in Mexico? Did you get angry when they didn't ask what you wanted to drink, and took 15 minutes to get you a menu? If you can get over the cultural barriers, there are some good shops to look at. GRP, BORM, and Padmur are all worth a look.

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With all the problems we have had with talk of border closures and immigration issues I would be hesitant to take my truck across long term. Might prove difficult /impossible to get back if things get any worse. A few years ago I would have probably said otherwise.