Mexico Racing and Security


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Does anyone have any inside information on what the status is for Mexico races?

I am sure that Border access to the US from Mexico will be increased substantially, and even closed at times, during any escalation of military activity. My concern is racing in Mexico might become very difficult over the next few months - if not years.

Has anyone heard any rumors or info from promoters or officials about access restrictions and safety concerns at US borders?


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A buddy of mine is a customs guy (works the booth) and he reported that it's taking 6-8 hrs to get through TJ into the US at this time. I've been wondering the same thing as well - things could get dicey. Only time will tell because (as we've witnessed) things can dramatically change in the course of a couple hours these days.

I'll be doing my best to get there and back !

See ya, Eric


I think we'll pre-run isntead of go to contingency this year. I don't like the security and opportunity of the venue.