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What ever happened to the guy that had his driver's license impounded at the 500 for riding a dirt bike on the street? I want to know if that was an anomaly or is this a new trend in exploiting motorcycle riders. BTW here's a picture of newly completed quad, what do you think of it?

<A target="_blank" HREF=http://cgi.stileproject.com/pic/?page=pic.html&pic=http://static.stileproject.com/rnd/img/christ1.jpg>http://cgi.stileproject.com/pic/?page=pic.html&pic=http://static.stileproject.com/rnd/img/christ1.jpg</A>


stile rules. One of the sites i visit on a more or less regular basis


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I went back to TJ to get my license and pay my $60 the next week. It took 2 hours to find the place and 2 hours to back accross the border. They did take my money but did not have my license. My next stop was the DMV $12 for a new license. Now I will get a Baja Design kit and a street license my 600 to get ready for the 1000. It is still the most fun to ride in Mexico.

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for those of us that are checking this site out at work, which is a lot of us I bet. It would be nice to know if there are gonna be pictures of naked chicks on a website (like stile project) before we go to it and our boss's just happen to be walking by. Ooooppppsss!! On a side note when is the MDR night race in barstow scheduled for? When I try to go to the MDR site my pinche computer it won't load.


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The MDR night race this year is in Lucerne, not Barstow and its on August 25.

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