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I was told by one of my friends that before he would go down to Mexico to do some racing, he would fill and file some paperwork with mexico that would allow him to exit Mexico very quickly in the event that he was hurt. Does anyone know something about this, or what you need to do? Any help would be appreciated.



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I'll tell you what else sucks. The fact that those people set up booby traps and jumps to see you roll over and crash, and then when you roll over and kill one of them because they are so close to the course you get arrested for it, and may never see daylight again except by chance if you have a ton of money. They are even dumb enough to lay under jumps. Pretty retarded if you ask me. I love Mexico as much as anyone, but it sucks that Mexico has turned into that and it seems as if it is getting worse. Its like going over 100 mph in a truck or a buggy is not dangerous enough, but now you have all these added factors that make it that much more dangerous. Its crazy. What next, lets bury land mines in the course and see who runs over them first and gets blown up. Desert Racing without the 500 and 1000, is hopeless, but it would be nice to know if you roll over and hurt someone, or get injured that you are going to be able to go back to the US again. Just my 2 cents worth, and just like all of you I will continue to go to Mexico, but sometimes I wonder what for.


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Easy skippy... Mexico can also be the greatest place for a racer to be.. They hold you in high esteem.. You are a gladiator to them... And if you have never had brakfast in a mexican Rancho out in the middle of no where while pre-runner then you might have not seen the better side of mexico. Taking the good with the Bad Mexico is Still the best place to race. Just my opinion I could be wrong.



Ditto Kreg!

One more vote for "Mexico is the best place to dez race".

And pre-run......



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There are dumb people who dumb things everywhere, not just in Mexico!


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I do not know if it will help if you are hurt but you can get a tourist card. You do not have to do it at the border you can go to the closet Mexican consulate. There is also insurance that you can buy that will air lift you out if need be. Do not know if racing is covered but a friend of mine got hurt on his quad and they flew him straight to San Diego with no problem. They even sent people down to bring his motorhome back. He got it though triple A


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Mexico is a great place to race. My suggestion is get a passport and apply for the tourist card to expedite things if you get in a bind. AAA is very good as well. Also some kind of communication to the real world if you will is also nice but expensive. I have had good and bad expierences in Mexico, more good than bad. Be respectful to the locals and abide by the law. Mr. Donahoe is right, nothing like eating a killer breakfast at a rancho out in the middle of Baja. The hospitality down there is great. Common sense prevails when racing or riding in Mexico and bear in mind the closer you get to a village or town there will be people setting up obsticals and be ready for them. Have fun in Mexico.......Peace


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Before the Baja 2000 we went to the Binational Emergency Medical Care Committee. They offer a one year membership card for $25 that gets you out of Mexico in case of emergency. They are able to - "respond and assist you or your family member with immediate medical care, immediate medical evacuation via ground or air ambulance from Mexico, assistance with the transportation of bodies from Mexico into the U.S. or immediate legal assistance with any of the above." They are a non-profit corporation. They are located at 492 Third Ave, Suite 205, Chula Vista CA 91910, Or at this web site</A> I have a membership, but have never used it, so I don't know how well this works!!!!!


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What about if you die in Mexico (or any other country)? From what I understand good luck to your friends and family in getting the body back any time soon. Antyhing you can do in a case like that???

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If you die in Mexico, perhaps have a funeral right there....maybe my ice cold side is coming through here, but if I die in Mexico during a race I wouldn't want anyone to have to deal with the troubles of claiming my body and hauling it out here.

Just light it up on the spot and spread the ashes next to some palm tree somewhere in baja. Done deal, then have everyone please move on with their lives.


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I agree with Klaus. I am like that no matter where I die. If anything take whatever ins money and treat everybody at the bar. How I am disposed of doesn’t matter. Just make it cheap.
As far as racing in Mexico I have had good times and bad, mostly good. I have been hit in the face shield by a rock thrown off the bridge just off the start out of Ensanada. I have dealt with booby traps. After all of that happening that is not my main concern. Now that I am a truck owner my major concern is that I could be the unlucky one that runs into the "not good people" and have my Race Truck and support equipment impounded never to see it again and there would be nothing I could do because it would be "legal". The medical thing scares me to. I have a wife and two kids. If they were hurt what guarantee do I have that they would be able to get back to the states for Medical treatment. Don't get me wrong I have been racing in Mexico for 10 years and nothing like this has happened. I have also been to Las Vegas but I don't go into a casino and bet my house, car and race equipment. Maybe it is just I am getting older.

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Klaus...methinks if you had a wife and kids they may not be so nonchalant with your earthly remains. But I could be wrong.

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