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micro stubs, how much more travel?


I know micro stubs have a shorter housing and relax the cv angle. I know that you can get more travel without increasing track width. Can some one tell me how much more travel is possible?


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i do know that the increased travel is very small. its like maybe an inch or so
i say that anybody that uses them uses them for the relaxed cv stress and leave the travel as you would with normal axle stubs


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I don't think they help the angle much at all, but the stub axle is shorter and is less likely to bend and also the brearing set up is better.


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What are they used for, it sounds like its for a 4x4 truck to relieve some stress from the cv angles? If they are, how much do they cost and would they work for a '98 tacoma with the SAW Coilovers? I need something thatll relieve some of that stress the CV boots have right now.




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Never heard of them used on a truck like that. Micro stubs are usually used on the rear of high dollar buggies.



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Actually the "high end" buggies usually use Summer's Bros outboard hubs. The Micro Stubs are one step below that.

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The hub is from the front of a 4x4 S10 pickup, the biggest reason is that the stub axle is shorter and has better support in side of the hub for the axle. The distant between the transmission and the axle are almost the same so they do not help much on the angle. but i run them on my five car and have never bent a stub axle or have had brearing problems. you do have an adapter from the chev bolt pattern to vw so I think the tire seat out a little further. the other good point is that they bolt into your swing arm so they are easy to replace. Unlike the vw hub witch is part of the arm.

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Do you know what year s-10? I know where an 80's ifs rollover is.


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Do you have a part number and/or vendor for the micro stubs?

Do they bolt straight up to the 930 CVs, or is there an adapter?



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they are on the front of 88 s-10 4x4, then you need a stub axle, it is shorter the one for vw. the a 930 cv will bolt up to it.


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I just saw this set up on a 4 seater at Jack Woods shop. If you give 'em a call they could give you all the info. (I don't have the contact info with me..sorry :-( )