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Mid engine vs. Rear engine ?


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It seems to me that all of the new buggies being built are rear-engine cars. Why is that ? I thought mid-engine cars were better / faster .. etc.

Are the mid engines that much more $money$ ?? ... or less reliable ?? ...

or am I just not seeing the new mid-engine cars in the race publications and web sites. ?

- Jeff S.


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Jeff, There are alot of things to think about on that Question. I think most guys are building rear engine Cars just becuse they are easier to prep. Things on the motor are easier to get to. There is not a huge cost differance between the two... As far as Speed vs. motor placement... Who knows?? We are constently evolving the unlimited off-road car as a whole group of racers.. One year mid is hot the next rear. It all goes down to designing the car as a whole... Where is the weight transfer?? Where does the driver sit? What is the Goal for the whole car?? All these question really tell the builder where they will put the motor. I'm not a buggy guy but as far as trucks go we still dont know what "THE FAST TRUCK" set up is. Herzog has mid /Herbst have front. Robby has mid. Ashley has front. Ivan has mid.. But on any givin day any of those guys will win... So to answer your question... THERE IS no answer... It all goes down to looking at the whole package.. Hope that helped...



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I've been racing a mid-engine 10 car for the past few seasons. We only race a couple times a year, but with what
experience I do have with this car I can tell you a few things that go against the mid-engine. Like kreg said, the mid is a
nightmare to prep. The thought of having to change a power steering belt during a race brings tears to my eyes!
Another point Kreg made is the weight transfer. Our 2 seater has trouble getting hooked up in the deep sand and tends to
plow a bit. You have to finish your braking well before the braking bumps because of the load on the front end. As far as
overall performance goes, the mid is great on baja 500 type courses, it handles the high speed smoother stuff great.
However, the car beats the crap out of you at places like Primm. With all that said, Anderson smokes pretty much everyone
with his mid.

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