mig welder and duty cycle


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what is a good duty cycle on a mig welder. I can get a lincoln for like 320: 130A, but the duty cycle is 100-15% I do not think that is very good right? so what duty cycle would be good if I were to be welding DOM .120 1.75" thanks for the guidance

looking for info on quality tacoma long travel.....any ideas?


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did you search the last couple months on this? there were a couple pretty good threads about duty cycle.

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The duty cycle you posted means that machine can run for 1.5 minutes out of every 10 when using 100 amps of power. The duty cycle will shorten if you run more amps, and it will rise if you use less. If I were you look at a new welder, that one is too small for welding anything big that will take abuse.


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miller makes very durable welders i believe the duty cycle on my millermatic 185 comes out to around 6 minutes roughly that i can use it out of every 10 minutes welding at 100 amps.