Mike Meehan # 1600 Thanks for the support


This is my 1st win in 5 years of racing with the M.O.R.E. series so if I forget anyone please forgive me. I would like to thank Jim, Ron & the MORE crew for a awesome race. I had a lot of fun.
Most important I need to thank my Family & Friends there is to many of your names to list for all the hard work, this win is for you!!. I know I could not do this with out you guys!
I need to give a special thanks to WR Trans for not just an awesome transmission but for all the help. If I have a question, Lorenzo has the answer. Thanks!!
I need to give credit to Don Hatz for a “rocket” motor. I kept looking for 5th gear. I was amazed at how fast my motor was. Thanks so much Don for being at the race & for the support you are awesome!!
Lothringer this chassis has been through hell with me. I’ve brought you my car in a box because of my mistakes and you gave me a car that works like brand new. I trust you with my life. Thanks so much to you and the crew for always going the extra mile to help. I will bring you some In-N-Out burgers this week!!
I need to give the biggest thanks to my wife Julie. You always are there to run my pits, figure my fuel mileage and always have my back making sure the pits are covered. You help direct where everyone needs to be and you make sure every one knows what to do.
I would like to thank my dad Bob Scott. I have watched you race over several years, you gave me the racing bug!! You are always my biggest fan and there to cheer me on, even when I make mistakes. Thanks for teaching me to be patient, focus and finally I have a win. Thanks for every thing!!

Mike Meehan #1699