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Mild I-beam Build


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Hi Guys!

I have a 95 f150 2wd and I want to do a mild long arm / long travel build. I am from a state with no deserts (Pennsylvania) but I love prerunners, long travel suspension, and the idea of racing off pavement. I am completely new to this type of build but I know my truck like the back of my hand. I have rebuilt most of it, but the suspension leaves a lot to be desired, especially with PA's (Pennsylvania) terrible roads (think ranked in the top 5 worst in the country).

Here's what I know. PA doesn't have the best local resource for this kind of build. So my research has been entirely online. 2wd long arm kits does seem to be that easy to find. I found one from a company called Auto Fab in Santee, CA. For what I think I want and cone afford this kit seems reasonable. The kit is extended tubular radius arms and cut and turned beams. It raises the front end 4 inches and comes with coils. I'm doing the front now and then do the rear later (I'd like to go the Deaver leafs when the time comes)

What I need to know: Shocks

Most people use Bilstein 5100 shocks with kits like these. I have owned a couple pairs of Bilstein 4600 HD and they don't work well with the road conditions and so I don't expect much from the 5100s. I would very much like a shock that can be custom valved. I looked at 2.5" King smoothie shocks valved by Filthy Motorsports. I would need to fabricate mounts for them though. Without getting too crazy, how did you guys mount King Shocks?


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Thank you so much! I don't know why I didn't try that in the first place. It's good to know, you guys know him and he has a solid reputation. I'll reach out to him as soon as I can!


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Look at Desolate, Solo and Giant as well. They all built kits of various stages of suspension travel for various budget as well.