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Miller syncrowave 250 dx power requirements

I have a syncrowave 250 dx and Im trying to find out what the minimum breaker size I can use is. The manual say 120A breaker, I dont even know if my place can support that. I will be tig welding 120 wall chromoly tubing and chromoly plate for suspension.


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I wouldn't go any smaller than 100 amps though you could use a 60 amp breaker and try it out. I'd still do wire and whatever connector (if you aren't hard wiring) no less than 100 amps.

The older iron core machines suck a lot more inrush current than the newer inverter machines like a Dynasty. An 1/8" corner weld is going to need about 130 amps from the machine. I couldn't run my Square Wave 175 on a 50 amp for 1/8" without popping it at some of the time. You can feather the pedal in (as opposed to just stomping on it) and that could help but if you are close to tripping a breaker on inrush current you are going to want as much as you can get. If your house was built in the last 30 years or so and it's more or less a standard tract home you should have at least a 100 amp service. You're doing .120 steel now, you may need to go to .135 or .250 for other parts. It would be a shame to have a nice machine like that and not be able to fully use it.


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I would put a 60amp on there with a 50amp plug works good. If you do some thicker aluminum work you're probably going to pop the breaker. Also clean the terminals on the back of the welder where the power cord connects to the welder I had an old welder I bought and the corrosion was so bad on the terminals that it wouldn't even work.

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