Mini bump stops


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Do all the varius bumpstops out there have the same length cans, shafts, stroke, overall length? I've seen some REALLY miniature ones at my work but they were custom one off things. They have a 2" stroke and are about 5" long over all. Anyways, I'm looking for the shortest ones possible to may toss in a really tight area. Actually I just don't want to come through the floor in the rear of my Exploder to clear the top of the schraeder valve.

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Have a chat to one of the shock manufacturers, they could make you a custom size.

Obviously it will cost more than the standard ones.

I could make you some, but I,m in South Africa.

Good luck


If you almost have enough room... you could move the schrader for the bumps. A 90-degree fitting or relocate it to the side of the can and then use some sort of travel limiter on the inside to prevent shaft to fitting contact.