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Mini Metal Bash II


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Looks like Laughlin will host the Mini Metal Bash II. That's right. We are going to have another great turn out, big prize money, and great racing! Stay tuned...

Mini Metal is the term used for the class 7s. The mini metal bash was held at Primm this past september and was a huge dust bowl. There were 20 trucks entered. Glad to hear it is at laughlin this year. I am sure with the dust and long course at Primm a lot of the 7s racers will be happy to hear its not in the same place this year.


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YES MMB ll is on but sorry it will be at the Score Primm 2002 this will give lots of teams time to get ready -- as well time to secure sponors and new ideas for another great event---
I would like to thank Jared Hardin from HARDIN GMC for stepping up to be the title sponsor for MMB ll
more info to come later--
any ideas to make this a bigger & better event than 2001 please fill free to let us know

Doug Siewert
[email protected]


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Well, wether it be Laughlin, or Primm, we will be there. We had a great time meeting as many of the other drivers as we could and beating through the desert in the dust bowl! We will be thinking of ideas for you as much as we can. Thanks again for all your work in the last one. (You guys know who you are)

Fire Guys Racing

P.S. You can add us to the list of trucks who toasted their engines at Primm. We pulled the engine last week after a leak down test promted by an oil problem at Primm. The compression rings on three of the four cylinders came out in about 40 pieces each! It made it to the finish line, but we usually like to get more than 300 miles out of a new engine!


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I should clarify this, we are only coming back if you get Erin (aka Hottie) to do the interviews again! J/K



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I think it would be a great idea to get her doing the comentary again. She could come to the M/T pit and have some more chicken and fluids. She's sweeeeeeeet!!!!!!! She is always welcomed with us

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